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Performance and Latency


I have configured a development server locally in my office and actually to my surprise got the streaming engine server up and running in minutes and was able to start a live stream from my iphone within minutes. Very cool!

Also, through some tuning from parameter with the documentation, (Cupertino Streaming Packetizer) and a custom parameter, take my latency down from almost 45 seconds when viewing on the Wowza player to about 8 seconds. Meaning the time I moved my phone to another location and when it actually appears on the player screen, all running on the same network.

Having said that, I also connected via LTE to the server and got the same results. Shouldn’t the performance be better locally vs LTE? Are there other performance tuning to increase the performace? On my Application monitor, I do notice that I get 1 Adobe RTMP protocol connection and 0 Apple HLS protocol connection.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



HLS and other HTTP segmented delivery protocols will always have higher latency than other protocols like RTSP and RTMP because the player needs to receive three segments before it will play back your content. Make sure that your keyframe distance, also known as a “Group of Pictures” or GOP, is two seconds and is consistent. Your encoder should be using the H.264 video codec and have an option to make sure that keyframes are created at that exact distance every time.

Once that is done change your cupertinoChunkDurationTarget value to 2000ms per the article below.

We also have an article that directly addresses HLS latency and can provide lower latency that I mentioned above.

I hope that helps to answer your latency question.