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Performance Cloud Streaming?


initially: Wowza has great products! But: has anyone some information about performance and efficiency for Cloud Streaming? I can find anywhere information about the boundaries by streaming over the cloud… Can I stream a PGM for 2000 people, or just 200 or 20? Is the system scalable, automatically? Why there is no input for that?

Thank you for any hint.


If you have additional questions regarding Wowza Streaming Cloud boundaries, please log in to your Wowza Account Portal and submit your questions to us.

Regarding playback scalability, we provide real-time scalability to provide playback to any number of viewers. If you anticipate you will have over 10,000 concurrent viewers, we simply request that you provide us advance notice so that we can alert our CDN partners.

On our Wowza Streaming Cloud page we say, “Wowza Streaming Cloud enables live streaming to audiences of any size on any device—directly from a camera or encoder.”

I hope this clarifies you scalability question.