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Performance degradation after update

Hi everyone,
due to log4j vuln we decided to upgrade from 4.7.8 to 4.8.16+1 (with log4j 2.16) but we noticed a big downgrade in terms of performance.
The screenshot shows 2 identical EC2 AMIs running the same snapshot of our Wowza EC2, the only difference being the right one is updated to the latest version of wowza.
Al the other things such as transcoder settings are exactly the same, as the video being ingested during the screen capture.

Why could this happen?


Please send a support ticket for accurate diagnosis @Filippo_Rocca1 since tech support does not troubleshoot in the forums. Complete review of files and logs is necessary for upgrade issues.

There were breaking changes in previous Engine versions, so in the meantime, I can suggest you review the changes in the release notes to see if that affects you.

Check release notes for 4.8.5, and 4.8.11 especially 4.8.11 with the transcoder Beamr change!

Here is the link: