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Perpetual Licenses constant verification to Wowza License Servers?

I opened a case last week regarding Perpetual License pining back to Wowza Servers for License Verification.

"However, I just found out that the Streaming Servers need to be connected

to the internet for license verification. What are my options if my

Administrators won’t let the streaming servers connect to the Internet as

these are used solely on the LAN/Intranet?"

I was answered once and was asked to give reasons why our administrators are not letting us have our planned WOWZA server connect to the internet. Basically, this is a security issue for our admin. As I responded back " As with the other half of organizations that might be using WOWZA on their Intranets, our ICT tries to minimize any attacks and breach from external sources. Once you open a port or link to access the Internet from a server that you only intend to use for the Intranet, it opens your system to a lot of vulnerability to attacks. You waste more resources to stop these attacks when the service you intend to provide is limited to your internal organization."

How long does it take for WOWZA to respond to queries like this from valid customers who have already bought 2 licenses from them?


This question would be best answered by the sales team,

Please refer to


Do you have a proxy server you can use for this?