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Persistent streaming

Hello together,

if the stream TO the server stops temporarily (only for a few seconds) over a 3G mobile connection, the client connections over JWPlayer get lost.

What is the best practice to keep client connections up if my origin-stream interrupts?

I thought to lead the stream via a stable connection to the server, maybe over a restream-machanism?


Mobile 3G Connection -> Homebase with leasedline -> Wowza-Server.

Am I right?




Using the scenario you described, there is still a possibility that the connection between your mobile 3G connection and the Homebase will be interrupted and the stream to your Wowza server would get disconnected.

My advice would to use “ModuleLoopUntilLive” to create a server-side stream, and to loop another video as a filler video in place of a live stream that isn’t available. Please take a look at the How to loop a pre-roll until a live stream starts (ModuleLoopUntilLive) forum article for a detailed description on how to set it up.



The ModuleLoopUntilLive is part of the Modules collection package. This module is already compiled and you don’t need Java coding skills to set it up.

Just follow the instructions form the article I mentioned earlier and if you have any troubles, just drop us a message or write to with the description of what you are trying to achieve and what isn’t working for you.


Hi Zoran,

thank you for your good hint.

I read the documentation and some of the comments to the module.

Iam not sure if this module will work out of the box with a transcoded stream, someone in the comments metioned something about problems with transcoded streams. Unfortunately I have no java or programming skills to extend the example.