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PID interval adjustment ability in RTP/UDP streams?

Hi. I’m engineering a workflow that is RTMP -> Wowza -> Pro Broadcast Decoder (Evertz) and we use StreamXpert to analyze when we come across issues. I’m trying to adjust the PCR and PID intervals to match spec and I cannot find the right handle in the Wowza application configuration (both XML and GUI) that lets me adjust it.

I tried transcoding and adjusting i-frames too (I found the ISlice override as well) but nothing seemed to move the actual PID intervals and accuracy. Any insight would be appreciated and I’m happy to provide as much detail as I can to move this along.

Hi Ryan, any news on this?

I’m also testing with streamexpert and also have 700-1200millisec PCR interval similar to your screenshot

we are also looking for a solution to solve some of these “issues”…

Hi ,

you can try to add the following property in Application.xml , / section:




Hi Alexey,

Thanks for your suggestion. Vallue “500” is to high
after some testing i changed this to “100” and that worked for us.

now we have just only a continuity count error on priority 1 … if you have any suggestions on that…

HI Alexey,

thanks for your reply.
i have now:


issue stil remains…

even its getting worse when i use the mpegtsPATinterval vallue 500.
The Priorty 1 errors are: PAT_error_2 (PAT repetition error), continuity_count_error as well PMT_Error_2 (Invalid PMT repetition rate for PID XXXX)
When i change the mpegtsPATinterval vallue too 100 it’s fine… except the continuity_count_error on priority 1

you can try to add two additional settings: