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PiP Audio from Live Stream

Hi all,

I am looking for a Wowza consultant who will be able to assist with resolving the following issue:

We have a live stream being produced by the presenter, when a viewer asks a question we record the video locally and upload to an Amazon S3 bucket.

When the presenter approves the video we are then combining the live stream with the question. This means we need to combine the video and audio of the main stream with the video and audio of the question and create a PiP unified stream.

The requirement is, all viewers can hear both the question audio and assuming it is a long question with pauses you would also be able to hear the presenter laughing, reacting or talking while the question is playing.

This is the current challenge. We have no question PiP audio.

Our application is near beta launch, with this being a roadblocking issue. Would also consider a long term engagement with the right consultant focused on optimization and scalability. In one area of the application we are currently using Flash, which we know is near end of life, we would like to customize using FlowPlayer.

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Gregory Pearson,

It’s been 10 days since you posted your request, and I hate to see that people don’t get a response. I’m quite busy these days, so I was hoping a fellow consultant would contact you. But now that I’ve stopped this deafening silence, let’s discuss the case further.

Feel free to contact me at, or Skype me (ID: karelboek)

Karel Boek