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Play WebRTC on html5 video tag

I launched WebRTC examples successfully on my server. Publish and Play examples works. Right now i want to play webRTC streams via html5 video tag. I checked doc at and looks like my src should be http://{server_IP}:1935/webrtc/myStream/playlist.m3u8 . i.e. . But this source does not work, I can download a file from http://{server_IP}:1935/webrtc/myStream/playlist.m3u8

Could you help me to figure out what is wrong.

PS. My server uses self-signed certificate

Sounds like you are trying to do playback in HLS, which means you’ll need to transcode the audio from Opus (audio captured in browser via WebRTC) to AAC.

I was able to play my stream via address https://{server_IP}/webrtc/myStream/playlist.m3u8 using . But I do not hear sound. Any idea why?

You are not hearing sound because WebRTC audio is Opus, HLS (via m3u8 playlist) needs AAC per the spec. Please see my previous response for steps to transcode to AAC.

Due to potential issues, we do not suggest you use self-signed certs with WebRTC. Are you able to try it with a free Streamlock SSL cert instead through Wowza @Pavel Tsukanov?