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Playback security with Include client IP address in hash generation problem with Ipv6


I use Include client IP address in hash generation for playback security.

Everything seem fine, but If client access with Ipv6 , stream not working.

$viewer_ip= $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’];
// if viewer ip is Ipv4 , stream link working well, but when user is Ipv6 stream link not working

You can use either IPv4 or IPv6 but you cannot use both. In your case you must disable IPv4 for IPv6 to work. The article below provides additional information.

From the article:

  • Ensure that the Java property is set to false by opening [install-dir]/conf/Tune.xml in a text editor, setting the following line as shown, and then restarting Wowza Streaming Engine:

eg : when I access my stream with Ipv4 :


but with Ipv6 ( eg I use japan proxy - eg


stream link not working

my wowza engine is on centos and Do I need to install java on that server ?

Wowza Streaming Engine is built on Java and installs Java. More information on Java can be found in our article below.

Problem fix :
I use cloudflare for my website , Now I add IP4 header and problem fix .