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Playback Security with IP Range

Greetings to all.

I see that the “Playback Security” option allows security to be transmitted to transmissions, I am interested in restricting access, only for some networks, but I see that the option only allows IPs to be used. Is there any way to authorize IP ranges?

You can add a range of allowable IP addresses @yonathan lagos, comma delimited

For example:

192.168.1.* would allow all IP addresses within the subnet 192.168.1.x to be allowed.

You can’t use CIDR notation ( format) but you can wildcard the subnet (192.168.1.* format).

So you can create a list of IP address ranges by separating them with commas, e.g.


excellent, thank you very much @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

Any update on this topic?

Thanks a lot!

No update, still the same solution as above in green.