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Playback through SRT


I already ingest a signal in SRT (Ingest using SRT MediaCaster) but the playback is via HLS… my question is how can I do the playback through SRT? I use wowza streaming engine

Thank you

There are some players, typically desktop software or mobile Apps, that support SRT playback, e.g. Larix Player or Haivison Play Pro (both for mobile). SRT is not supported in web players; for that you must use HLS, or MPEG-DASH.

If you want low-latency playback in the browser, then have a look at WebRTC which is built-in to Wowza Streaming Engine (there other, non-Wowza options). Just remember that you will need to transcode the audio to Opus (also make sure to verify any video format limitations)

Thks @Karel_Boek

But in this case, I do need to do the playback through SRT, I have a decoder that is compatible with that protocol, I attach the image of the information that the decoder asks me to do the playback via SRT

As I mentioned earlier, I already ingest a signal in SRT in Wowza Engine

But as much as I have tried, I cannot do the playback with SRT, is there any option or way to do it?

It’s in the Wowza documentation; see

In Destination Host should be “localhost” ?
host srt

Since the Decoder is not an SRT server, only playback
Within the decoder in “public address”, should I put the IP of my wowza engine?

I think I need “SRT PULL” from wowza to be able to playback SRT Stream

Hello there @Axel_Gomez1 I can try and be of assistance here:

This is a push workflow to a known destination (stream target) not a general client pull connection. You have to have something that can consume the SRT source which would be a custom player, another streaming engine or something like that. That’s what @Karel_Boek was suggesting above.

Would you like to send us a support ticket? The Wowza engineers can walk you through the playback part and take a closer look at your decoder.

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Thank you! Yes, I will send the ticket


I share with you the answer I got from the ticket, in short, at the moment, Wowza can’t support pulling the SRT stream from Wowza.

Thank you for contacting Wowza Media System support.

At the moment, Wowza only allows pushing SRT streams to SRT destinations as per this article:
In this, Wowza acts as a caller and the SRT destination acts as a listener. If your Customer SRT decoder can work in this mode, it should be fine.

The opposite workflow, this is, the SRT destination pulling the SRT stream from Wowza (Wowza acting as a listener and the SRT destination acting as a caller) is not supported yet but it’s currently in our backlog, meaning that our Product and Development team are assessing its feasibility for any possible implementation in future Wowza versions. However, at this stage there’s no commitment nor timelines for this.