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Playback using the download link of recordings from Wowza Streaming Cloud live streams


there is some support for making recordings of the live streams in Wowza Streaming Cloud which is great.

What isn’t immediately clear from the documentation is if it is OK to distribute the provided download link of the recordings for the purpose of direct playback from multiple users.
Will this scale? How such usage will be billed?
Any other ideas on how these recordings could easily be shared for playback?


Hello Charles,

The option of providing the link to the mp4 file is not a scalable one. We suggest downloading the file and uploading it to either your own Wowza Streaming Engine server for playback or to a third party that can provide the VOD playback option you are looking for. Services like YouTube or Vimeo as an example.

Overall, Wowza Cloud does not support a VOD playback workflow at this time.

I do hope this clarifies and helps.