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Player license expired?


I am curious to send an e-mail.

What happens to the Wowza player and StreamLock after the maintenance period?

The Wowza engine can continue to operate after maintenance.

Is the Wowza player still available?

Is StreamLock still available?

Hello @Keunseok Ryu,

As long as your license is active both the Wowza Player and StreamLock will continue being available.
Maintenance and support does affect the products that you purchase.


Wowza Support

Alex Chepurnoy

Thank you for your reply. I do not understand the answer a little, so I will contact you further. If I am using a wowza player (StreamLock), will my wowza player become unusable after the expiration of the contract period? I have not used wowza player (StreamLock) at present and wonder if I need to contract for maintenance if I try to use wowza player after contract expiration period.

No need for Maintenance for the products to work.

It does sound like you are seeing an issue that would require some troubleshooting.

You are welcome to post more information about the issue in a new post on the forum so we can take a look at it there.