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Player Localization (countdown clock and such)


How can I set the player to a language other than English? Especially the countdown clock.

Thanks in advance


As far as I know, Wowza Video currently offers the embeded player and countdown options in English only.

Thanks for your answer.
It’s a shame it’s not customizable, most of my streams are in French therefore I cannot use it, but it would be a nice feature.

Note that you’re never limited to using the embedded player in Wowza Video/Streaming Cloud. Hosting your own player opens up a broad subset of options and configurations that absolutely support multi-language. You’re probably aware of this. Also, with Wowza having acquired Flowplayer, we anticipate our player offering to do nothing but improve in both the embedded and custom capacity.

As always, thanks for being a Wowza customer.

Yes, the idea with Wowza was to use the automatically created page with the embedded player so I don’t have to handle it myself. I’m looking forward to see how Flowplayer will be included.


@ef3b761be0cc210627bb With Flowplayer added now, it’s still not a feature to change the word “countdown” to French. I have brought this up to our Wowza Video Product owner as a possible feature in the future.

For now, the best option is to use a poster image that shows the event details in French.