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Player that Reconnect automatically live stream

I want to stream LIVE stream by wirecast or Flash Media encoder to wowza server

and the clients will use only flash player … and everything work fine till that point

but the client need to set up a system that when the client LOSE INTERNET CONNECTION (may be change wifi or just lost connection) and come back again online it AUTO reconnect to the stream without refreshing the player or refreshing website

Also I neet player show something like: a “coming soon” screen before the event starts.



Please contact me for this matter. I’ve done similar projects with Flash-based player recently, and have a lot of the functionality already available.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek



We are the official WOWZA consultants in India.

Our team could definitely provide the expertise you require.

You could contact me at or skype me at spark.subhish for more info.

Subhish N