Wowza Community down

Looks like is down? But shows everything up?

$ curl -v


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I have the same problem too. Please fix it wowza.

Wowza Player discontinuation was announced several years ago, The sundown process begain in April of 2020. The player builder was taken offline on January 10, 2023 (yesterday). For more information, take a look at these FAQ’s:

As an alternative, consider switching to Flowplayer, who were recently acquired by Wowza, last year, and will soon be integrated/included with Wowza Video and available to Wowza Streaming Engine customers as a paid service.

same here - interesting as a long term customer (many years) was never told

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if you have problems with the visualization of the stream with Womza write to me at for help.

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write me i can help you.

Please review this Wowza Player EOL topic as there’s other player options available:

I never heard of this being discontinued either. And I’ve been a customer for more years than I care to admit.

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and their flowplayer which is out requires payment as the free option has very limited free use for most. I looked last night and we couldnt use it as it would cripple us in fees. $$$ it seems is more important that long term customers. Yesterday went the player went off it took our whole business down as everyone of our customers lost a player. It seems I was not the only one that was never informed.

Dave, I noticed that the Javascript was provided in your support ticket. If you link your HTML to this code, hosted on your server, you should be able to continue using Wowza Player, while you search for another solution. Our support team should be able to answer any continued questions that you have.

too late. had to hire an engineer to make a player and then web guys to change hundreds of our customers sites and html5 apps. You guys cost us not only a days refund for all our customers for all their lose for the tiome it took to replace the player on all their sites and apps, but also the cost of an emergency engineer, and all the web guys who worked until 6am changing it all. You cost us thousands of dollars yesterday. You going to refund that money we had to pay them all? If course you wont. Im seeking legal advise today in our state of California.

Hello Tim.

Will Wowza Streaming Engine customers get a discount when purchasing flowplayer? It might have been better to have an alternative flowplayer subscription for Wowza Streaming Engine customers before stopping wowzaplayer.


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Hi Gabor,

Flowplayer/Wowza pricing plans and integrations will be announced in the coming weeks.

As to an alternative HLS player, we made the recommendation to leverage open source and paid options as part of our original April 2020 announcement that Wowza Player was being discontinued. Unfortunately, the final step in the three-year process commenced last Monday, where some who had not received the update were impacted.

On the positive side, Flowplayer is way better than Wowza Player ever would become, given their expertise in the space. It’s easy to use with a ton more options. Please keep an eye out for more as we integrate Flowplayer capabilities into our overall product offering.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the detailed answer.
It’s March. I did not come across any information as a wowza engine customer. Do we know any more information?
Thank you very much.

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@Gabor_Kovacs Please reach out to our Sales Team as they can assist on Flowplayer pricing for Wowza Streaming Engine:

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