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Playlists and schedules set in smil file with JW player


I’ve added modules collection and made steps according to

Using web page from examples i’ve played created stream, and it work fine.

Then i’ve added this stream to JW player and here is my problem: stream starts, but it shows seekbar with strange progress and approximate time of the video. If press pause button and then resume video doesn’t start. When the video ends from a playlist the player stops and doesn’t continue to play the video.

I need to simulate live stream using playlist in jwplayer. What should i change to make it work?

Best regards.

Make sure this property is set to false in the Server.xml /Properties list:


Otherwise you are sending metadata that includes duration of the source file, which is what JW Player looks for to determine if it is vod. This is a live stream, not vod. Pause and seek do not work with a live stream (unless you involve nDVR)


Great! You’re welcome. Thanks for the update.


Let me look into it and get back to you.


You should be able to force frame size in the player. Or look for a way to hide the seek bar in the player, which is the only reason that duration is a problem, because some players look for duration in the metadata to determine if is live or vod, and assume it is vod if there is a duration.






I have to use JW playeur for a live with playlist in place of my favorite OSMF for a client

Is it possible to just dissable the duration metadata only and for live only?

Now all videos dont have no width and no height define and more in JW and i have to add a streching attribute everywhere

ps video are 640*360 and playeurs same size but doesnt fill the frame

and wanna duration come back for the vod


Thanks, Richard, it worked. I’ve added this to application config previously.

Hi, I have the same issue. After disabling sending of metadata, 640x360 video is streamed as 4:3 proportions. Is there way to define aspect ratio of application?