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PlayMethod / HotLinkDenial in WowzaStreaming Engine


I just updated to wowza streaming engine.

I can’t find a way to set trough the interface the value of Root/Application/RTP/Authentication/PlayMethod.

I want some authentication fo RTSP Users. It was possible in WowzaMediaServer.

I tried a custom property with those value:

Path                                        Name                                     Type                 Value  
/Root/Application/RTP               Authentication/PlayMethod        String               digest
/Root/Application/RTP               Authentication.PlayMethod        String               digest

What can possibly work?

I also to setup something similar to HotLinkDenial Module.

Does this module still work?


Best regards.



It looks like it’s not possible to specify the Authentication PlayMethod for RTP directly from the Wowza web user interface.

You can still do it the old-fashioned way by editing the Application.xml file and specifying the authentication method in /Root/Application/RTP/Authentication/PlayMethod

The HotlinkDenial module is still available. Please take a look at the How to combat hotlinking your Adobe Flash SWF file (ModuleHotlinkDenial) forum article for instructions on how to enable and use it with Wowza Streaming Engine.