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Please help me make my ip camera work across devices!

hello guys,

As many of you I been at this for over a week with no luck, I have purchased Wowza Streaming Engine perpetual license with the hope that this will make my goal possible since thats what it claims to do…

So Here is my setup:

Connection: Time Warner Cable with 1mb upload

Camera: Canon VB-M40

Server: Debian (4cores, 8gbram, gigabit internet connection) running Wowza Streaming Engine 4

I have followed the tutorials on re-streaming the ip camera and have that working.

Use the JW player and it works on Safari browser and IOS, however I haven’t been able to make it work on Android “Nexus 7”…

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to make my stream work across the most possible devices?


It is possible that your Android device does not support the Flash JWPlayer version, nor the Apple HLS playback provided by the HTML5 JWPlayer.

Can you try playing back the RTSP stream coming from your Wowza server? You should try playing back the RTSP stream directly, as the JWPlayer does not support RTSP streams.


I can play the HLS stream on the android browser, can Wowza Re-stream from IP Camera in .mp4 format? if Im reading this correct .mp4 format is supported by all android versions?


Yes, Wowza can stream using MP4 format. The important aspect that you need to consider is the streaming protocol used to deliver that format.

Different Andorid devices can support one streaming format, but are unable to support a different one.

Please take a look at the following forum articles describing how to play back the different streaming formats: