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Plug-in development to serve VoD files MPEG2TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP to IPTV STB


We need an estimated quotation for the following request:

Detailed description:

We need to serve VoD files to IPTV STBs that only supports UDP/RTP/RTSP delivery of MPEG2TS. As Wowza has already modules to support UDP/RTP/RTSP delivery for live and for MP4 VoD, we think the shortest path is to complement Wowza to serve also this content for MPEG2TS VoD. The input files could be .mp4 or .ts files.

Operating System in use:

Linux RH5.5.

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements;

Our current Wowza Media Server version used is 3.5.2, but we might migrate to newer versions.

In addition to the Wowza specific work, provide any additional information pertaining to integration to other services that are part of your workflow.

We already implement VoD and Live applications over wowza to control the files or streams to be delivered.

It must work with the current STB of the IPTV service. STB data sheets will be provided.

Timescales/Delivery date:

We need the estimation in few days, and the delivery in some weeks.


I can implement the required functionality for you, so that the VOD content is served in an MPEG2TS. Please contact me via email or Skype to discuss the case further. My Skype ID is: karelboek

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek