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Port 80 / 443 Required ? Newb Question!

Hiya, let me just stress to begin with that I’m a complete novice with WOWZA and streaming in general.

I’ve spun up a pre-canned, BYOL, 4.6.0 instance in Azure for testing. I’d like to be able to use it in conjunction with IIS on the same VM.

I see that by default ports 80 and 443 are bound to the _defaultVHost for use as “Default Streaming” ports along with 1935 and 554.

There does appear to a way to modify the ports that are used for streaming. Can I change or unbind ports 80/443 from “Default Streaming”?

Obviously my concern is the port binding clash between WOWZA and IIS.

What are 80 and 443 actually used for in the WOWZA Streaming Engine? Are they mandatory or can they be removed?

Forgive the fuzzy terminology!

Thanks for your help.


Neither port 80 nor port 443 are enabled by default. You can validate that they are not enabled in your VHost.xml file. You can also run netstat to validate what ports are in use by Java.

The full list of ports and what they do can be found in our article here.