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Possibility of adding new App "templates" ?


When creating a new app in the manager GUI, we get to choose between Live, Live Edge, Live HTTP origin, and the same for VOD. It would be really useful to be able to add new “templates” tailored for our needs. Can we do that ?

Thanks for the suggestion. You can modify an Application.xml directly, and/or use the result of one that was created by the Manager. The Manager will pick them up when it and Wowza are re-started. To be listed correctly, you should make sure the /Name and /AppType are filled in at top.


You have to re-start Wowza Engine and Wowza Manager for them to show up in the Manager. Remember to Fill in /Name and /AppType (live or vod) at the top of the Application.xml


I tried to do that (i.e. mkdir conf/myapp, then cp Application.xml into it, then do the same for applications/myapp, but the new app did not show up in the manager. What did i miss ? Is there a REST API for creating new apps ?


I want to add a new application, e.g. using an Application.xml template, filling in template variables (e.g. application name), copying to a new conf/newapp/Application.xml, mkdir applications/newapp; but then, is there no other way than restarting the whole Wowza Engine and Manager ? This would kill any running stream ! Is there no “reload” ? I see that the manager can create a new application without restarting the whole server, is there no way to do the same to create a new app ?

Alternatively, being able to create app configuration templates from within the webui would be a start.

Awesome, thanks ! I didn’t see this, sorry.


You can also copy and application using the Manager UI. You can basically create your “template” application, and then whenever needed, you can use the Manager UI to copy that particular application and create a new one with the same “template” settings and a new application name.

Looking at the “Application Configuration” screen, in the top right section, there is a “Copy” button.



Please let us know if it works as you expect.