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Possible to integrate Wowza Streaming Cloud with JWPlayer?

Hi there,

I can find articles on how to integrate Wowza Streaming Cloud with JWPlayer’s current version? I’m using the Zoom>Wowza connection and embedding on a webpage.

Thank you,


I am assuming you followed this doc and you are using a paid version of JW Player Jill?

I’d submit a support ticket right away considering your timeline since the only way we can test this is to have full access to your config and logs.

Hi Karel,

I’m having trouble figuring this out. We’re using the Zoom/Wowza integration.

Here is the Wowza hosted page:
It displays the poster and a countdown timer for the event - which is good.

Here is the Wowza embedded code on our page:
Notice that the photo and countdown timer do not appear. This was working two days ago.

Note: It’s also throwing a lot of JS errors.


And by integration you mean playback of a WSC stream in JWPlayer? The playback URL is available from the Live Stream page; you can use that directly in JWP. Or are there other specific JWP features that you want to integrate?


So, I thought I would try adding the playback URL to JWPlayer but I get these errors -

We’re doing our first live stream on Tuesday and I’m concerned that the embed is not going to work. We need it to be embedded on our own webpage.