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Possible to map top-level requests to an streaming application?

Howdy folks,

I am wondering if it is possible to map top-level requests to a vhost to a specific application?

In particular, I’d like to be able to tell users to access files via a URL like this:


Where ${HOSTNAME} is the address a Wowza vhost is listening on.

It doesn’t look like this is possible, but I am perhaps wrong.


Morgan Hamill


It is possible to create an application called “defapp” which would be the default application that would be used when no application name is specified.

In this case, you could then reference the VODs using a streaming URL like you have mentioned in your previous post.

For example, and Apple HLS stream would looks something like this:



Yes, you will need to create a “defapp” folder, containing your Application.xml file, in your conf/ directory and also a “defapp” folder in the applications/ directory.

Don’t forget to restart your Wowza server after making the changes.


If your trying to access a file in the /content directory you do not need a path to file.

The URL would be:


If the file is in a sub folder of content you will need to use definst in the URL:


Hope this helps.


I’m not having much luck with this; a few questions.

Where should the configuration file for defapp go? conf/defapp/Application.xml?

What should the name of the sharedobjects folder be under applications/?

Help would be appreciated.

Morgan Hamill

Hmm, this doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I’ve done as you said, and then tried this url:


And I get this in the logs:

Application folder ([install-location]/applications/mp4:) is missing

Not sure what I’m missing.