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Poster frame not showing in Wowza Player

We’ve got a live Wowza stream web page at

I understand that autoPlay has been disabled in Wowza Player.

As a substitute, we wanted to show a .jpg as a poster before and after the user sees the live stream.

I’ve got a valid URL for the .jpg


but the poster image never appears.

How do we fix this?

Hey @Kenny Freundlich, you’re correct in using the posterFrameURL, but if you can submit a support ticket with us, we’ll take a closer look to see where the problem actually is. I opened the URL no problem to the stream, but no image to begin as you stated. Thank you.

HI Rose.

When I went to that URL and entered my email address and password, I got this message:

You do not have authorization to submit requests for Wowza Streaming Engine™ support.

Given that message — what can I do now? Thanks so much…k

Oh ok, that usually means you need to update your license and then you will have access to support again through a ticket. You can renew or upgrade here:

Hmmm…My records show we bought the option for 3 years of Wowza maintenance and support, beginning 3/13/17 and ending 3/13/20, for $650.

invoice INV00267534:
Account Number: W100011404
Invoice Due Date: 03/13/2017

How do I clarify our license?

I have our license support team reaching out to you @Kenny Freundlich.