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Ppost a live streaming on facebook

Hi … I need to post a live streaming on facebook so viewers can watch my broadcast from my Timeline … According to this article:

looks very easy to post a live streamin to a facebook, but that only works on wowza streaming cloud right?

What about Wowza Engine?? how can I do that? can u help me please? Don’t forget about us jeje

You will need to configure the web page where your embedded media player is located with specific metadata that Facebook will consume and use to render a media player in the news feed and when submitted as a page post. Wowza will simply deliver media streams to the client using the URL’s that are called from the player when rendered in a Facebook page - no plugin is required. There may also be player-specific parameters that support Facebook integration.

As a reference, take a look at this external post from Longtail Video (makers of JW Player) where the process is described: Publish Your Videos to Facebook with a JW Player



hi papiandi

would you mind posting your json request for creating the streamTarget to fb ? i can create it, but also have an error, and all infos sent from the json are not reflected in the pushPublishMap.

eventually i would be interested to see how your entry looks like in the pushpublishmap

thank you !

i was asking this not as an answer but as a question :slight_smile: as so far its not working for me now :slight_smile:

thank you for your help

ok thanks for your reply

yeah this procedure works, but nobody wants to have to create manually these stream targets…and so far i guess there is something wrong/missing in the REST api for this feature :frowning:

i think wowza is aware of this issue (generally when they dont reply, it means they know, are working on it, and wait to have fresh news to communicate :slight_smile: can’t blame them they’re doing amazing work, but please richard jason or whoever get back to us :slight_smile: this is the most exciting wowza feature since the creation of wowza itself :slight_smile:

Hi Salvadore

I understand that I need to configure a webpage with specific metadata that Facebook will check, but the link u posted is for jwplayer 5 and the version actual is 7.4 (Actually I use Jwplayer)

Anyway I read the post and they say only works for swf or mp4 file … I need to post a live streaming as Wowza promise in the blog:

They say "Wowza was invited to be one of the early adopters of the Facebook Live API, and we have enabled the functionality to publish to Facebook Live directly from within Wowza Streaming Engine.

But I can’t find any documentation or instructions on how to do

I hope you guys can help me on this

OK, thks for the answer

Hi ! I just updated to 4.5 and works fine … but I think there is a littgle bug, I’m sending the stream to my personal timeline and one fan page, on facebook both streaming looks perfect, I can see the live video, but in Wowza Stream Targets the status is “waiting” and “error” (look attach screenshot)

Why wowza say there is a error when in facebook both streaming are ok?

Hi, now is working fine


Hi gabole29, I just followed this tutorial and worked for me

Of course that I want to help! so tell me if you need anything from me

Any update on how the Streaming Engine update is going. This will be a great feature. Thanks!



Our Development Team is currently integrating these Facebook API features into Wowza Streaming Engine and this will be available very soon. We understand that the wording in this article referenced could be confusing and our Documentation Team will be reviewing it.

Currently we do support Facebook Live streaming via Wowza Streaming Cloud. This does not currently use the Facebook API but our “Hosted Page” in Wowza Streaming Cloud does include the necessary metadata for proper playback on the Facebook timeline. You may find the following article helpful if you decide to use this method:

How to post a live stream in Facebook

Best regards,



The next update 4.5 is currently being reviewed by our Q/A Team. Although we don’t have a release date set, it should be soon.

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What browser and OS version are you accessing your Wowza Streaming Engine on? Next time you see this, I would try refreshing the page to see if the “Status” goes back to ‘active’.




The next update 4.5 is currently being reviewed by our Q/A Team. Although we don’t have a release date set, it should be soon.

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Any updated on when 4.5 is expected to release?