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Preview aspect ratio in 640x360 resolution


We are currently integrating the iOS GoCoder SDK in our app and while doing so we saw a bug, that is also available in the GoCoder app:

When you set the camera resolution to 720p or 1080p, the preview has the correct 16:9 aspect ratio and fills the entire screen on an iPhone.

If you change the resolution to 640x360, the preview shrinks to 3:2, even though this is a 16:9 resolution. The streamed video is a valid 16:9 video, so this is problem in the preview only.

Any chance, that this is fixed ?



No one any idea ?

Am I the only one facing this issue ?

Hello Moamen,

I noticed that you submitted a case to our support group and got a solution for this issue.

I would like to post the solution you got for anyone else who may run in to this question.

The solution was to use WZCamera’s frameSizes and supportedPresetConfigs properties to get the list of natively supported resolutions for the devices in question.

In the end setting the broadcastScaleMode to aspectFill and previewGravity to resizeApectFill to get the lower resolution preview to show up correctly.