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Primary and backup source servers in Wowza Streaming Cloud


Can anyone recommend a way to use primary and backup source servers in Wowza Streaming Cloud, with automatic failover?

I’d like to use two encoders on location - one streaming to the primary server and one streaming to the back-up server via a different connection.

If data stopped reaching the primary server, the desired behaviour would be that the transcoder in Streaming Cloud should take the data from the secondary server.

Until last year, Akamai Stream Sources was an option - but I’m not sure it’s possible within Streaming Cloud any more?

It looks like offer it within their Business package, but would love to do it within Streaming Cloud if possible.

Thanks a lot!


Checking to see if we have an alternative…

Unfortunately, we do not have an alternative at this time @David Agrawal.

Yes, definitely. I have discussed it with the Cloud team and it has been added to the feature request list. Thank you!

No problem @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager, thank you for checking.

I’ll send the sources via via Restream for now to use Restream’s failover.

Would it be possible to add it as a feature request for the future? Even as a paid-for extra, I think there could be demand for it.

@David_Agrawal Hi David, are you still directing from Restream to Streaming Cloud for ABR distribution? How did this solution work for you?