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Problem in Streaming player [Please Help]

Hello there , I started streaming with JW Player of Wowza
But i have a issue that i cannot fix .
when i starting streaming and put the embed in my site for example , the video does go “Live” buffer
i mean if i refresh the page that the streaming embed in it will go to Start of the Live
For example :
I Starting now streaming 1sec 2sec 3sec 4sec 5 sec
**new viewer enter to site where streaming embed will see that it start from “1sec”
how i can fix this issue , thanks for answers

Welcome to the forums @nemmy_david. Are you using the nDVR feature or recording these streams? When you are streaming with nDVR enabled, if the live source is currently up, then users by default would playback at the live point.

Can you clarify your workflow and provide more information? Encoder? Stream target, CDN timestamps, protocols? More info required to assist, Thank you and I’ll look for your response.