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Problem transcode Nvidia GTX

Hi all

I am trying to get hardware acceleration with Nvidia GTX660 and NVEC:

In logs i can see:

INFO server comment - JNI:TranscoderSession.isCUDAAvailable[defaultVHost:rtvcnet/definst/]: NVidia NVENC hardware acceleration is available

INFO server comment - JNI:NVidiaCUDAUtils.logCUDAGPUInfo[defaultVHost:rtvcnet/definst/]: GPU[0]: name:“GeForce GTX 660” version:3.0 driver:6000 memory:2047MB processors:5 cores:960 clockRate:1032MHz NVENC:yes

INFO server comment - JNI:TranscoderSession.isQuickSyncAvailable[defaultVHost:rtvcnet/definst/]: Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration is NOT available.

But later i obtain:

INFO server comment - JNI:TranscoderSession.videoEncoderAdd[defaultVHost:rtvcnet/definst/]: Create video encoder: H.264: NVENC

File: nvenc/src/CNVEncoder.cpp, Line: 1783, nvEncOpenEncodeSessionEx() returned with error 21

Note: GUID key may be invalid or incorrect. Recommend to upgrade your drivers and obtain a new key

NVENC error at nvenc/src/CNVEncoder.cpp:1785 code=21(NVENC Feature not available for current license key type) “nvStatus”

WARN server comment - JNI:VideoEncoderH264NVENC.initialize[defaultVHost:rtvcnet/definst/]: OpenEncodeSession failed: gpuid:0 result:-1

Where is the problem? i just spent 1000€ on hardware.


The error you are seeing may very well be a driver issue.

However, Wowza uses the NVidia NVENC SDK to implement this type of hardware accelerated transcoding.

The consumer level GTX GPUs are not on NVidia’slist of GPUs supported for use with the NVENC SDK.

It’s not advisable to use these GPUs for this purpose.


AFAIK NVENC in Wowza will work with Quadro class GPUs, even if a GTX has NVENC, I suppose it is a more basic/crippled version (otherwise why would anyone want to buy Quadros?)