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Problem Transcoding with 4.7.5

After updated to 475 Transcoding module does’nt work any more,

When I enable transconding streaming stops and no transcoding stream works

Same problem with me

After updating the transcoding functionality in Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.5, it requires version 2.14 of the GLIBC which is not supported by the CentOS 6.x operating system.

Please find more details about this known issue in the following article.


yes I have centos 6.9.

I will update centos


This is a real pain, I’m only testing the whole system right now but I’m using a CentOS 6 server to run my tests because we have more CentOS 6 servers than we do CentOS 7.

Had the transcoder documentation mentioned anywhere that GLIBC 2.14 (CentOS 7+) was required then I would have used one of the CentOS 7 servers.

I only found this error by noticing this in the logfile when it failed to work :

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine-4.7.5/lib-native/linux64/ /lib64/

I suggest updating the transcoder config documentation as a lot of people are still using CentOS 6 due to the difficulty of upgrading it to CentOS 7 - it’s pretty much impossible in a live production environment.

This has now been resolved in an update, please download the latest which will now work as expected with CentOS 6.x. You’ll see the following in the release notes for the latest update.

Changes in Wowza Streaming Engine Build 21914 ========================================

  • Fixed updater manifest so it includes the quicksync-2017r3 libraries
  • Rebuilt linux VPX encoder/decoder libs to regain compatibility with CentOS 6.x distros
  • Fixed SecureToken v2 to correctly support play2 requests for RTMP
  • Enhanced error checking and logging for serialization & deserialization of Common Encryption data
  • Added support for MPEG DASH ALS live streaming when ingesting LATM ALS encoded audio from an MPEG-TS stream
  • Reverted to previous live DASH chunkID calculation to avoid nullptr exceptions while indexing a stream

To update, please see the following article for more infomration and configuration details.