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Problem with Live video - smoothness

can you please help with Live streaming video?
Video is smoothness.
Is possible see problem

Maybe is problem transcoding?
My encoder broadcasting 1080i and wowza transcoding to 720p.

Hi sorry for delay, I was out on vacation.

So, it sounds like it might be buffering or is choppy based on what you’re saying. These problems are almost always a result of the encoding so let me share some troubleshooting tips.

BUT! It could be a network or wifi issue too and your network can’t send enough data quickly enough so Engine is using 720 instead, so make sure you tune your Engine server first including Java:

  1. Let’s then make sure you are starting the video stream on a keyframe, it is crucial for smooth playback.

  2. Next take a look at your encoder settings for bitrates and follow all these suggestions:

  1. Next, you want to look at your adaptive bitrate streaming ladder and make sure they are all aligned.

If you still have issues, we’ll need a support ticket to diagnose and you can submit one here:

Also make sure you really are sending 1080i.

The Wowza transcode only turns on when you turn it on. So if you are trying to pass it through as is, take a look at the transcoder settings you have configured.