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Problem with my VOD stack : Wowza / AWS S3 / VideoJS / HLS Protocol


I’m pretty new in Wowza engine, and i’ve got problem to play VOD video in VideoJS Player.

I’m making a VOD platform, all my files are stored in a S3 bucket in amazon. At first i’ve used rtmp protocol to test Wowza Engine, but for the prototype i need a simple protocol to display on any devices.

I’ve choosed HLS Protocol because it is now supported natively on iOS and Android. For the browsers it is native on Safari, and the videoJS community make a plugin videojs-contrib-hls to display this protocol on all the known browsers.

So i’ve got a VOD Edge application who has to same configuration that a vods3 app.

Clients are uploading in any classics formats and i use AWS Elastic Transcoder to transcode to HLS readable format. There are all simple files so that not generate me any playlist file (.m3u8) when i transcode it. File like .mov file just stay .mov extension.

When i try to read my file now, player is looping with no errors but video still not displaying.

Any access log is given in the Engine Manager console.

Im trying to access my file like this : “http://[WowzaServerIP]:1935/[MyApp]/definst/mp4:[MediaCachePrefix]/[BucketAWS]/[PathToMyFile]”

Is someone got an similar stack and give me some advices / topics where i can find solutions.

If you have usefull critics about use this stack for what i’m trying to do, i take :).

I can post my configuration if it can help.

PS : The server where Wowza Engine is running has a webapplication running on port 80 too.



It is possible that the Media Cache feature is not properly configured. I recommend you to open a support ticket and provide your Wowza configuration and log files to our Support team so we can take a closer look and provide you with instructions on how to get this issue sorted out.

You can use the following link:


Problem fixed, thanks you :slight_smile:

Some versions of videojs and videojs-contrib-hls don’t work with wowza server on HLS streams.


Can you specify which version do you use of videojs and hls plugin ?

My VOD is working on all browser but with Chrome on Android it loops indefinitely.

Thank you

@Thomas André , I am having those problems on a livestream on Chrome and Firefox using the last version of VideoJS and the videojs-contrib-hls , but my livestream keeps freezing and I have to refresh the page in order to get the livestream working. Which version did you use for the HLS to work?

Hello, the version I use without problems in VoD and Live from VideoJs is v. 5.19 and contrib-hls 5.12.0 I have also successfully used these versions are somewhat obsolete, but quite stable.