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Problem with smil files


I made a smil file like this:


Just remove the mp4: prefix from stream names in pl4 and it should work.

<playlist name="pl4" playOnStream="TestStream2" repeat="true" scheduled="2014-02-27 13:00:00">
<video src="TestStream" start="-2" length="10"/>
<video src="TestStreamUSA" start="-2" length="10"/>

If TestStream and TestStreamUSA (from pl1 and pl2) playback, then TestStream2 will work with your settings (start=-2) with those as the sources, with the mp4: prefix removed.


You could use the liverepeater. Create a text file with .stream in the /content folder, call it Make its contents this:


Then in StreamManager (or /conf/StartUpStreams.xml) start stream named “” with MediaCaster type “liverepeater” in the application you are using the scheduler.

Then you can use it in your schedule

<playlist name="pl5" playOnStream="TestStream3" repeat="true" scheduled="2014-02-27 13:00:00">
<video src="" start="-2" length="10"/>

Note that you can and should use “localhost” as the IP in the .stream file in your case because the applications are on the same server. The liverepeater is generally used with a remote origin server, so localhost would be changed to the origin IP in that case.


Wow, that’s a pleasant surprise : )

Another question: On the same server I have another application named TestLive configured as “live-record”. The name of the live stream that will be sent to that application is TestStreamLive. How do I modify the playlist on my current application (current application is named TestTV):

There are two options to get a live stream to “TestTV” application from another application:

a.) By pulling

b.) By pushing

The live stream is not permanent. At some point it will be happen and then we have the option to switch to it. Assuming that this switch is working (via HTTP Provider) how do you specify stream pulling in this case? Startup streams does not seem to be the right option because they are called only when the server starts. or not?



Hi Atmapuri,

If the other stream is not live all the time then the better option of the two would be to push it from one application to the other using Push Publish.

You would configure Push Publish on the application that the original source stream is being published to. In the configuration, you would set the other application as the Push Publish destination. As per Richard’s notes above, you would use localhost as the destination host because it is on the same server. Because the stream is being re-published to a different application, you can use the same name as the original stream name.

When the stream is published, it should immediately show up on the other application as well and then will be available to switch to.

If you want it to switch immediately, look at using the LoopUntilLive module along side the StreamPublisher.