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Problem wowza streaming engine + encoder


I have a problem, please help.

I have 1 encoder with several TV signals, it managed to connect to Wowza, but to make the player test all channels can not see. in vlc player if they look when I connect vlc to the encoder.

Attached images.

Test vlc

List channels vlc

Stream connect application live

Stream connect server Wowza

Test Player


Thank you

I am not quite sure, but it sounds like you may need to port forward TCP port 1935 (in your router) to the computer running Wowza. Or on your network you need to map port 1935 to the server running Wowza.

A simple test would be to connect to the server remotely(outside of your network)

If you enter [wowza-ip]:1935 in a browser remotely, it should display Wowza version and build numbers. If not port forwarding is in order.

And use a public IP in the player instead of a private IP. If you don’t know what it is, you can see it here:

This is a helpful resource: