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Problems playing live stream with Quicktime and Silverlight

I’ve just recently set up a live stream.

All we are doing is restreaming an H.264 feed from an Axis Video encoder.

So far it works using a Flash player, and using VLC player using and rtsp address.

Following the quick setup guide I tried to use the Silverlight player example. when I click “play” nothing happens at all. No error, no image, no sound.

Same for Quicktime.

Any ideas what i could be missing?


Silverlight requires 1 - 4 second key frame frequency. 2 seconds is recommended. The way to achieve that in Axis is to setup a StreamProfile, then set max frame rate to n, then set GOV to 2 x n.

For example, max frame rate = 15, GOV = 30 = key frame frequency of 2 seconds

If the StreamProfile name is “myStreamProfile”, utilize it like this:


You also need an audio track, and you have to add smoothstreamingpacketizer to the Application.xml /LiveStreamPacketizers.

For Quicktime, use RTSP and make sure Application.xml /RTP /Authentication /PlayMethod is set to “none”


Play the rtsp stream from the camera in VLC and check the Tools > Codec Info. Make sure you have an audio stream.

Check the logs, look for a line like this:

WARN server comment - LiveStreamPacketizerSmoothStreaming.handlePacket[smooth/definst/ch08mobile]: Fragment duration greater than suggested range of 1-4 seconds. Adjust keyframe interval accordingly: Fragment durations: [10.0,10.0,10.0]

In which case the stream will not work in Silverlight player. Look at the FPS and Gov settings again


In VLC: View > Add Interface > Debug logging

If you only see audio track in VLC Tools > Codec Info, that won’t work in Silverlight, need video track.

Do you see the WARN line I showed in the access log?


Two audio tracks and no video tracks will not work in Silverlight. There has to be video + audio. Video without audio doesn’t work either.


Do you have a manifest on public IP I can try? You can send it to if you prefer.

Zip up and send the conf and logs folders too.

Include screen shot(s) of all camera profile settings.

Include a link to this thread.


Thanks, that solved the QuickTime issue.

For SilverLight, I’ve created a stream profile on the Axis server, and started a stream in stream manager with that.

The player still does nothing though.

I have the LiveStreamPacketizer setting under set with:


Do I also need to populate the properties further down in the XML document?

Note: When I show/preview the stream in the axis setup, it doesn’t have sound (or have the controls for it), despite the fact that I have sound option checked.

I get audio in the live view of the camera though.

Here are the stream profile settings:

Resolution 4CIF (aspect ration corretion is off)

Compression = 30

color Setting = color

Mirror Image = Off

Rotate = 0

Max frame rate = checked

Limited to = 15

On H.264, GOV length = 30

Rate control = checked

Variable Bit rate is selected.

I get sound using the stream profile in VLC.

Where is the log file for VLC? Can’t seem to fine one, and nothing is in the eventvwr application log.

thanks for all your help!

In the codec info, it shows 2 streams. Stream 0 is of type Audio. Stream 1 is of type Audio.

There is no WARN line in teh logging shell.

Sorry, mistyped. Stream 0 is of type Video.