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Problems with edit pages and test players

I have installed wowza streaming engine 4.7.3 at a customer site that is behind a firewall. When I click on “Test Players” nothing is displayed. On the live > Source security page when I click on “Edit” nothing happens. I am using Internet Explorer. Is there any way to configure Source Security using config files?

We have the same version and are behind several firewalls. The Test Players feature, using any streaming mode (HLS, RTMP, etc.) has never worked for us in any browser on any of our servers.

The easiest way is to test your streams is just using a standalone instance of a player (preferably your desired player, e.g. Wowza Player, JW Player) on a single HTML page you’ve created for the purpose.

Recall you can have as many players as you like on a page so if you have numerous streams you could setup a video wall type thing.

As for the source security thing, not sure what’s going on here. I have had some other minor bugs administering Wowza using IE (mainly around transcoder template settings), so it would be worth trying Chrome if you can. Chrome is what I use now for Wowza admin and haven’t had any problems with it.

Thanks. The customer is installing FireFox. I hope that works as well as Chrome.