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Problems with Live Streaming and Repeater

Hi folks,

We have the following setup:

Extron SMP 352 -> RTMP Push to (live /origin app) -> Live Edge, fetches the stream from -> Live Edge, fetches the stream from

The Extron device now transmits a live stream to the Wowza streaming engine without errors. From there, the video can be accessed via a streaming group as well as a single stream without any problems. If I now try to retrieve the stream on, no matter if as single stream or stream group, I get a 404 error. In the log you can see the following:

LiveMediaStreamReceiver.connect: SSL:false url:wowz://[XXX.XXX.XXX]:1935/origin/definst_/myStream 
HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.service: Request timeout: 8000
LiveMediaStreamReceiver.doWatchdog: streamTimeout[origin/_definst_/myStream]: Resetting connection: wowz://

All three servers can reach each other and are on the same subnet. Any ideas why there are problems here? Or is my configuration already wrong? The goal is to get load balancing among the servers.



If the servers are on the same subnet; are you pointing the DNS names to the internal/private IP addresses?

I have tried both. Both via the IP address and via the DNS name. The connection itself also works via the ports, at least telnet, netcat and tcpdump say.

Have you enabled HLS (Cupertino) on the Origin? If this is an Origin-Edge setup and you use Repeaters on the Edge, then you must have the Packetizers enabled on the Origin.

Yes, the Origin has an HLS source.

Where do i set the Packetizers?

You simply enable HLS for the Application in the Engine Manager Panel of the Origin. That should enable the packetizer for HLS. Or you can edit /WowzaStreamingEngine/conf/[application name]/Application.xml:

  • Under Root/Application/Streams, find the <LiveStreamPacketizers> tag and make sure it contains at least cupertinostreamingpacketizer

  • Under Root/Application, find the <HTTPStreamers> tag and make sure it at least contains cupertinostreaming


thank for your quick reply. I’ve checked the settings: The cupertionstreaming is active. Any other ideas?