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Problems with the video not playing on iPad using JW Player 6

I am having problems with this video not playing on an iPad:

It plays on the desktop as a Flash file but for some reason it will not play on the iPad. It is a H.264 file, compressed with Compressor 4 using a preset for Apple Devices. I believe the code is right but for some reason I can’t get it to play.

It works in my IPhone 4gs iOS 6.1

Make sure it is Baseline Profile. If you are using mp3 audio, make it 44100hz, 64 or 128kbs.


If you can re-post your JW 6 version on a test page, I will take a look at it for you.

I finally gave up on JW PLayer 6 and went back to JW PLayer 5 code. I have been using the Matrox Compress HD card to compress the videos but lately have been having problems with them working with Wowza. So the videos that are now being used on this site are just a straight Apple Device preset from Compressor 4. The site is working now.