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Problems with version 4.8.5 and I can't come back to the previous version

Hi, I have a problem with the version 4.8.5, it is terrible unstable in my server CentOS.

The big problem is that the method to come back to a previous version didn’t work (go to a previous version in the update folder and ./ -u (it always works with other versions, but not now with the 4.8.5 and I dont know why)

So where can I download the wowza streaming server version 4.7.6 (the full version, not the update) to do a clean install???

I also sent this question to support, but maybe is faster here.

Did you make sure your permissions were set correctly to run the update script?

I saw your ticket has as support engineer actively working it. Please provide them more details on how 4.8.5 was not working for you so we can log a bug.

In case you need to download 4.7.6 you can get it from this url: