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Process UDP for SCTE-35 signal and generate HLS with CUE-IN-OUT Markers

Hi there,

I’m looking for a wowza consultant to help with wowza modules (incomplete) below.

Objective: I have UDP feed with scte-35 markers as data stream along with Audio and Video stream.

I want to process UDP feed, listen for scte-35 markers and generate HLS with compatible media tags i.e. CUE-IN-CUE-OUT markers.


  1. Not able to process UDP feed with scte-35 markers as Wowza complains about the scrambling packets i.e.

RTPDePacketizerMPEGTS[live/definst/]: MPEG2MPTS MPTS Transport has packets of interest with transport scrambling enabled. Descrambling is not supported

We have use TSDUCK and other TS analyzer to see if there is any scrambled packet but it shows Clear Stream with no scrambling though Wowza still complains, its a blocker issue.

  1. Once #1 is resolved, we need Production grade module to generate HLS by processing UDP as given wowza tutorials are not a complete code but examples.

Let me know if anyone is interested to work as a consultant and help us to achieve it. Do write me.

Hello @Vikas Kumar,

Depending on your timeline/deadline, we may be able to help you. We’re busy the coming weeks, but we have time available later in June. Feel free to contact me at


Karel Boek