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Proper Config for VLC playback of DVR Stream

My WOWZA server has a DVR app that I configured. I have it running doing live dvr service. When I use the player (both silverlight and Flash http) from the examples\dvr folder I can see the feed just fine. My DVR store has all the files, however on VLC and other players I downloaded when I choose open network and put the same exact path from the WOWZA example players I get nothing. Does anyone have the proper config to use VLC for LIVE DVR playback?

My Setup

WOWZA server

app name: dvr

stream name: stream-DVRmain

Path I use in prepackaged example players: (silverlight) (Flash HTTP).

Also, my goal with VLC is to have the video full screen on one screen and then on my other screen have the controls, if you know of another player for MAC OS X then let me know as well.



VLC does not support DVR playback.