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Publish live-stream embedded

hello everybody!

i searched google up and down for days now to get a working html-tag to embed a live-stream from wowza server which should work in at least internet explorer… firefox, opera and safari would be nice…

but nothing found! :frowning: - hope somebody can help me out! streaming to apple-iphone/ipad works like a charm.

thank you very much!


The problem with the html video tag is that each browser supports different video formats, all of which are not supported by Wowza.

Your best workaround would be to use the latest JW player which has html5 support and will use flash if it is supported and will use the html5 video tag if not.

Here’s a few options:

JW Player



Flash Media Playback (easiest)


You can do it by modifying the FLA source file that is in the same client folder, and re-compiling the swf file, which is the actual player that is loaded by live.html

You need the Flash CS authoring tool to work with FLA files. There is a Flex version there also that can be modified with Flex Builder 3 or Flash Builder 4.

The player systems I posted links to above might be easier for you to get working in production if you don’t want to work with Flash source code.


hmm, then i would say at least an embedded live FLASH stream would be very fine.

is that possible? embedded flash is supported by (nearly) any browser…

thank you!

hello richard!

thank you very much - i saw no tree in the middle of the wood! :slight_smile:

the “live.html”-example is, what i wanted to find. :slight_smile: it plays smooth and nice…

but, one last question… is it possible to put the needed credentials asked on the site

SERVER: rtmp://


INTO THE html-file, AC_RunActivecontent.js or give it somehow into the url…

the input fields are then to delete…

many thanks