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Publisher.addVideoData for H.265/HEVC


Documentation for shows how to insert AVC video packets. How can one use addVideoData function to insert HEVC stream ?

Is codec config indicator used in case of HEVC stream ?

Does “n-bytes video content” use annexb startcode format in case of HEVC stream ?



Any official answer to this API question ?


This was answered in ticket #143199.

For others following this thread:

Information on the addVideoData function for HEVC video streams, please see page 1752 of the WowzaStreamingEngine_ServerSideAPI.pdf.

The H.265 number is 12 (hexadecimal 0x0c). With regards to annexb startcode format, this is identical to H.264 except the NAL boundary is different for HEVC but this is something that you would need to research further yourself if more detail is required.