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Publishing a video file as a live stream using Wowza Cloud

There is already a [question](http://How to publish a video file as a live stream 4) but it’s not clear how can I publish using using Wowza Streaming Cloud without installing anything on my server.

Hi, @Ashish Srivastava, Can you be more clear when you say publish a video file as a live stream so I can help you? You mean publish a pre-recorded video mp4 file as live? You cant do that in Cloud, only in Engine.

Or do you mean just connect a camera source and broadcast a typical live stream in Cloud?

I’ll wait for your answer. Thanks.

Yes, I meant a pre-recorded video mp4 file.

Thank you.

It will great if you could help me with the documentation or steps to achieve the desired functionality. Thank a lot.

Ok, thanks @Ashish Srivastava. We have no way of doing that in Cloud at this time as I had mentioned- only through Streaming Engine. We do have a 180 day free Engine trial if you want to give it a try.

Here is the tutorial on how to set that up:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I just spoke to a rep from Wowza and they told me I can upload pre-recorded videos to Cloud and schedule it to play as a Livestream. Has this function changed since March or is this still not doable?

Yes this was released around late fall of 2020 and was sent out in emails to existing customers and we added it to our docs.

But @Ashneel_Reddy, please know that while Wowza Streaming Cloud allows you to stream .mp3 and H.264-encoded .mp4 and .flv files, these files must be hosted on a web server, Google Storage, or Amazon S3 bucket. There is no direct upload of say your own personal mp4 file. Also, it’s only one file at a time.

Keep in mind another new feature in Cloud in 2020 was Live to VOD.

In Streaming Cloud, you can create a VOD link from your livestream. This was announced in May in emails, blogs, videos and here in the forums.