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Push publishing SRT from WSE server to another media server


I would like to ask if it is possible using Wowza Streaming Engine Java API in a custom module to programmatically push publish an SRT stream from a WSE server to another media server.

We know about, and have used, the Java class com.wowza.wms.pushpublish.protocol.rtmp.PushPublishRTMP for push publishing RTMP streams from within our own custom modules.

We would like to know if there is a class corresponding to PushPublishRTMP but for push publishing SRT streams instead. If that is indeed the case, we would also appreciate somes samples/examples of code making use it (e.g. similar to examples for PushPublishRTMP at

We know is is possible to push publish SRT streams using stream targets (, or using the REST API for managing stream targets (

But we would like to push publish SRT streams from within our own Java code in our own custom module, just like we already do for push publishing RTMP streams.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem, I see there is a class named that looks similar to it’s RTMP couterpart, but there is no documentation I can find on that.

Reading some other stuff in the docs, it seems SRT requires some very specific receiving configuration and you can only run one stream per receiving port. Since we are talking about programmatic publishing from one server to the other, it would be hard to implement because it would require the source server to modify the destination server receiver config in a dynamic way.