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PushPublish to Akamai losing video, becoming an audio-only stream

Applies to Wowza Versions: 4.0.4, 4.1

I’m push-publishing (RTMP) the transcodes of a single source stream to two different Akamai endpoints which are then converted to HDS/HLS via Akamai’s Universal Streaming.

At some point (usually after a couple of days), one of the two Akamai endpoints switches to an audio-only stream. I can still watch the RTMP stream coming out of Wowza, and it contains both audio and video, but the output from Akamai is audio-only. Because I’m pushing the same stream to two different endpoints, and one still works properly, I’m fairly confident it isn’t a problem with the stream I’m generating in Wowza. That said, when I restart Wowza, the problematic stream starts working (i.e. both audio and video) again in Akamai.

I don’t really have any visibility into the Akamai endpoint, so I don’t have a lot to debug from that end. The Wowza logs show nothing abnormal.

Has anybody run into the situation where streams getting pushed to Akamai suddenly lose their video component?

P.S. I know that Wowza allows the push of HLS and HDS directly to Akamai; unfortunately, it isn’t an option for me to push those two formats.

I’ve just been told my somebody at Akamai that my RTMP stream was not publishing metadata related to the video.

This seems like it shouldn’t be possible since I am using the same stream to push to both endpoints (and one kept working). The only thought I have is that it is possible that Wowza is creating multiple copies of the stream for pushing to Akamai. That said, I don’t know why video metadata would be dropped.


This will now be handled in the ticket that’s been created (103718).