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PushPublish with wildcard support for RTMP *AND* RTSP/RTP streams

I need something along the lines of the PushPublish example that is available on the api, but I need it to work for both RTMP and RTSP/RTP streams (the example only works for RTMP). You can find the example in /documentation/serverapi, search for “ModulePushPublishSimpleExample”.

I don’t plan on having a lot of origin servers (right now 2), so whichever method used should be able to recognize the address of a fellow origin so it doesn’t start pushing the same stream (avoiding loops).

I want to be able to publish a stream via rtmp or rtsp/rtp and have them pushed to other wowza servers. For now I am not interested on the pull model (origin-edge).

The stream name is dynamically generated, and it needs to be available with the same name on any server once it’s published.

In case you are wondering, I know this is not the most efficient way (origin-edge probably is)

OS in use is linux 64/bit


I already have such module implemented, please, contact me at

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