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Query regarding the server configuration


I’m going to install the media server for approximately 650 viewers.

the server configuration is given below.

Xeon processor, 8GB RAM, Ubuntu 13.04 server OS 64-bit

Will it able to support for 650 or more viewers at given instance?


I answered this in support ticket #69250

Hardware scaling is different based on varying workflows, stream configurations, and audience. I recommend you provision at least one test instance of Wowza Server and use our load test tool to assess server performance in your environment (for more information, please see this article on How To Get The RTMP Load Test Tool:

Bandwidth is usually the limiting factor. As rule, consider this formula as a guide: (stream bitrate * max concurrent clients) < server bandwidth.

Your server specifications sound adequate. We recommend a late model quad or dual-quad CPU, 4 - 8GB of RAM, a 64-bit OS and JDK. Again, we strongly suggest load testing before a production event.