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Query related to cupertinoMaxChunkCount & cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount

I was wondering what is the use of cupertinoMaxChunkCount when doc says that we would be serving “n” latest ts files which is governed by cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount. I mean when what advantage do i get by setting cupertinoMaxChunkCount greater than cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount because anyways client would be able to play only last “n” ts files which are there in playlist where “n” = cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount. Probably I am missing something here - so can someone tell me what is logical importance of cupertinoMaxChunkCount and how i can use it to my advantage in real world scenarios.

Also one more question, does Wowza support DVR for cupertinoStreaming? Or is it like cupertinoPlaylistChunkCount is used to create the pseudo-DVR? I don’t see any configuration where i can record them to disk.

It is the total number of chunks that are maintained. So if the player stutters a little and moves a bit further off of live then the player start to request segements from futher in the past. Having a larger list of chunks in reserve will insure this does not lead to a missing chunk error.

We currently do not have DVR functionality. It is a feature we are planning on adding some time in the future. No definitive timeframe.